Tuesday Night

Sometimes we marked our passage thru life with particular moments in history.

  • Where were you when Kennedy was shot?
  • Where were you when Neil Armstrong walked on the  moon?
  • Where were you when the Challenger exploded?
  • Where were you on 9/11?

And now you can mark your passage thru life when asked “Where were you when Notre Dame burned?”  Maybe it’s not a proud moment in our life nor something some of us may really want to remember.  I’m not sure that I want to since I almost cried watching it burn.  One of the main thoughts that continued to course thru my little pea brain today was “My poor, beautiful Notre Dame!  I’ll never see you like you once were ever again.”

In hindsight, I probably won’t.  I read (or heard) somewhere that experts believe it will take another 40 years for the restoration to be completed; 20 years if it’s a fast restoration.  I highly doubt that it will be done in 20 years given the knowledge that the tall oak trees that were used for the original roof and ceiling construction no longer exist or are unlikely to exist in France or Europe now.  So it will more than likely will be 40 years and I’ll be long gone by then.  The stained glass will be repaired or replaced and the statues cleaned but I will still be long gone.

Maybe one day one or both of my gummys will go there after the work is finished and light a candle for me.  Maybe that day will come if I’m lucky.