Random Thoughts for a Monday Morning


I really liked this mural in downtown Salt Lake City.  I thought it was fun with a lot of details to look at.  I don’t know who painted it but it was brilliant IMHO.

More travel lessons learned for me this past trip.

  • Do a better job of researching what vehicle that you want to rent.  The Mercedes was fun to drive tho.  🙂
  • Find a lighter travel camera to take with.  My full frame is great but damn it’s heavy to tote around.  Same for the lenses.
  • Make a list so you don’t forget anything like “CAMERA FILTERS!“. Sheesh, I feel so dumb.  That and I missed a great chance to try out the solar charger for my phone.  Yeh, I left it sitting in the window back home.

My niece is staying with me as she works a contract job at Hennepin County Medical Center.  I have the room and the money she saves is better in her pocket versus paying Residence Inn or someplace like that.  It will help make her parking expense for downtown parking not so painful for her.  Plus her Mom won’t beat me up cuz I wasn’t keeping an eye on her and making sure she was safe.

This past “argh” storm is rapidly melting and is helping to green up my yard.  It won’t last long. It’s gone down by like 75% – 80% since I left last week.  It should all be gone by Easter Sunday.

I need to plant some daffodils somewhere in my yard I think.  That would be some nice early color in the Spring.

I saw a great YouTube vid on how to make some cheap camera filters.  I had a “Doh!” moment on one suggestion.  I was like “Why didn’t you think of that?  It’s too easy!”