Saturday Afternoon


This was a really cool diner to have lunch at today.  I needed the recharge with the amount of walking around that I did this morning.The food was good and they had these huge cinnamon rolls that I haven’t seen since I was a kid.  Ya doggone skippy I ordered one, had it nuked and put some butter on top of it.  It ate great.

You don’t see places like these much any more.  Mom & Pop diners have been replaced by Micky Dees or the large chain places.  The service is so so and the food isn’t always the greatest but not places like these.  The food is great as is the service.  It took me back to a different place and a different time.  It’s too bad a good part of them died off.  Maybe one of the younger generations will see the value in places like these and open up a good number over the next few years.