Some Thoughts for Tuesday Afternoon


I’m always amazed that a pair of ducks always seems to show up at my place every year.  Then again, this was farmland at one time and dazzling metro urbanites always do have good things for them to feed on.  These two thoroughly enjoyed cleaning up after what the birds spilled.

Maybe I’ll fly out of town Thursday morning and maybe we won’t.  It really isn’t anything that I’m gonna stress over.  I can cancel the hotel and rental car and Delta will either reimburse me or give me vouchers for a different flight.

This is one reason why I said snow out on April 20th.  I guess the Ice Maiden has one last laugh at us for this year.  At least my garden beds are tilled and they’ll soak up the wet “argh” if it comes to that.  This is central Minnesota after all.

Off to see the ortho doc and “No”  I’m not wearing my sling.  I quit wearing it during the day last week and I quit wearing it at night last weekend.  It’s feeling pretty good other than tender at times and achy sore.  I still baby it.