Five for Friday

It’s that time of week once again where I struggle with my brain to complete this weekly task.  Let’s see ..

1. I completely forgot that someone was going to pick up my lawn tractor to do maintenance on it before the mowing season kicks in.  I adapted quickly but I hate that my memory isn’t very good at times.

2. I have a tiller now for the garden beds.  It’s going to be a good thing for me to have it and use it to mix in various things to compost in the beds and help them get better.  Now I just need to find some cow manure to mix in as well.  That will make the plants grow.

3. Off on a road trip this weekend to help my step Dad celebrate his 95th birthday.  Wow!  If only I can live that long.

4. What a nice and wet Friday.  I’m loving this weather.  I can’t tell anyone just how much that I look forward to listening to a thunderstorm and the rain coming down.  Just thinking about it makes me wish that I was retired so I could take a nap while it was going on.  I always thought it made for great napping weather.

5. There’s nothing much to take pics of right now.  At least I don’t think that there is.  Everything is drab and brown plus I’m still not getting around by myself very well.  It will all hopefully start changing soon.

There a have it.  Feel free to comment and/or wave a vigorous “Howdy Doo!” on your way thru if’n you would like.  🙂