Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning

It looks like it wants to rain out there this morning only it’s not raining.  It is pretty cool tho.  It’s a rather tropical 38*F (3C) out there with the temp slooooooooooooowly rising.  It’s all good tho.  It’s still early April for central Minnesota.

The last of my “argh!” melted away yesterday.  Do I declare a snow out now or do I wait since we have had that icky bad white stuff show up in early May?  I don’t think that I’ll tempt fate right now.  Touch wood.

I’m doing more and more research into solar power for the home and solar backup power in case of an emergency.  It’ not cheap but I’m wondering what the pay back will be on tax breaks.  I think installing a system that helps to cut down my electrical power consumption if not eliminate a good part of it is definitely a good thing.


I’m trying out a solar powered recharging cell that I bought off of Amazon.  So far it’s working out really well other than I haven’t totally ran it all the way down for a new recharge but I’ll do that soon enough.  The downsides to the one that I bought is it only has one USB port and it comes with a USB dongle that doesn’t plug into any of my Apple products rendering it pretty much useless as fas as I’m concerned.  The plus ups are it charges fairly easy and I can recharge my iPhone X wirelessly if I want to.  I’ll put it in my day pack and see how it charges.  There’s another made by a competitor that I want to try out as well but at the end of the day either will be great for black outs or taking on trips.  Oh yeh.  You can recharge the power cell at the same time as you recharge your phone.  How cool is that?