Wednesday Evening Early


This is the time of the year that really, really tries my patience.  So far, my patience has not been winning; it’s been going down in flames and on a glorious Viking funeral pyre.  Oh well.  We do the best we can, adjust and go on from there.  It’s still early and the dirt (“Yes” I said “dirt”) is still cold and various stages of being thawed making it way too early  to do anything with it right now other than continue turning it.  The tiller will show up in due time and that will be a new implement of destruction placed in my hands.

In the meanwhile, seeds were ordered today and plans made on how they’ll be started indoors and then transplanted outside.  So the plan is …

  1. Cucumbers, green beans and carrots somewhere around the middle of May to be planted.
  2. Green Peppers planted mid-May to somewhere before Memorial Day.
  3. Potatoes and pumpkins planted somewhere between June 5th – 15th.

That should help keep me off the streets and out of pubs for a while.

13 thoughts on “Wednesday Evening Early

  1. Happy planting! 😊. My husband planted tomato plants out back last year & every time our backs were turned our dog would snatch them off & eat them. 😂. Needless to say, before it was all said & done, she ended up with more of them than we did. 😉

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