Five for Friday (Late Edition)

Wow!  What a work week!  Maybe now I can finally get after this and see what my lil’ pea pickin’ brain can come up with …

1. “Yes”, our “argh” is rapidly going away. Just don’t get your hopes up.  We can still get more given this is central Minnesota.

2. I figured out how I’ll get my garden beds turned before planting.  I just bought me one of those electric tillers.  That should make short work of what I need to do plus grind up all of those leaves that I added to the beds last Fall.  That should make the dirt (YES I said “dirt”) in the beds nice an loomy.  Now I just hafta figure out how I’m gonna get some more soil added to them as well.

3. Work has been very steady and has been keeping me very occupied during the day.  It’s great for getting work done but lousy when it comes time to do posts.

4. I’ve still been watching what I eat and getting all of my steps in but the weight quit coming off.  I suspect it’s because of my meds.

5. I need a vacation to Spain.  It’s been a hard winter on me.  I need some surf, sand, sangria and senoritas.

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or wave “HI!” on your way thru if you would like.