Some Thoughts for Tuesday After Lunch


So it’s back to work on my little herb garden.  I’ll hopefully have more success with it than I did for the past 2 years.  My rosemary is a bit woody but is still producing well.  The sage died and the parsley had blight; so that’s gone and we’ll decide what I’ll replace between the two of them.  The chives look like grass and I wonder if Miss Lily is eating them.  I don’t know since I haven’t smelled it on her breath yet.  I started some Peat Pellets what I put some thyme seeds in each.  I’ll hopefully have some results soon.  It’s not great loss if the thyme doesn’t work since I can get the plants at the nursery if this doesn’t work.

My neighbor doesn’t want to use my garden fork to start turning over the garden beds.  I dunno why unless it resembles work too much.  I can wait for now but I would love getting them thawed out as soon as possible so the soil warms up.  I’m sure there is still frost in them at some level and turning them will start pushing that down or removing it all together.

I get to see a PT therapist this afternoon for my left arm.  It still hurts after using it.  It’s depressing knowing that it will be this way for a long time if not for forever.  My right shoulder and collarbone hurts as well.  I hate all of this.  It makes me so dependent upon others and I hate that with a passion.  I cant fathom being at a point in my life where I am totally dependent upon others.  I’m going to be a terrible resident in a nursing home.