I’m tired tonight

And wore down for the pain.  My left hand and wrist hurts.  My left forearm hurts.  The part of my left arm where the metal plate was installed is extremely tender.  My right shoulder hurts.  I’m tired of not being able to get much use out of either arm.  My left shoulder is hurting now and pain runs in my collarbone.  I’m a bloody mess right now I think.

I’m tired of hurting and want it to stop.  Fours months has been more than enough experience with this level of pain.

Yeh.  I’m whining.  I’m just worn down right now and being bitchy cuz I can be.

Thursday Afternoon


It’s interesting to see the differences between last Wednesday and today.  The rain has been coming down which ends up melting away at our “Argh“.  The downside to it is that there is no place for it to go since the ground below the water is still frozen.  So it’s just sitting there for now and getting bigger and bigger and bigger.  I planned for something like that when I had the shed installed.  It’s up higher than it looks in the pic.

Today is my Friday and I’m doing the happy dance as best as I can with my arm still in a sling.  It’s time to recharge over the weekend as much as possible.  The sun will be peeking in and out of the clouds but the 10 day forecast shows that the new Spring is on its way.

It makes me suspicious what the Ice Maiden has planned for us.  Let’s not get our hopes up cuz she doesn’t always play fair with us here.