Random Thoughts for Tuesday


Yesterday was one of those days that just flew right by.  I was sitting in my recliner last night and one of the last thoughts that I had was “Crap! I didn’t post anything other than the usual daily post.”  Oh well.  My bad.  Can’ do anything about it now.

Yesterday was the first day since my surgery that I was able to get a coat fully on and the coat sleeve would fit thru my sling so I could stay warm.  Granted it was a beautiful day full of sunshine but at least I was able to fully button up in lieu just draping half of my coat over me.

And yeh it was good to be out in the sunshine yesterday.  The sun felt so good while I was out walking.  The skies out there are grey yuck but there is rain for tonight and for the next few days.  RAIN!  That will help melt away this disgusting “Argh” that we have.  The 10 day forecast shows daytime highs above freezing which is incredible as far as I’m concerned.

I’m watching the use of my right shoulder but it’s till sore.  I suppose it will be this way for quite a while yet.