It’s hard to believe it’s March here.


It’s somewhat difficult to explain to outsiders that what is going on here is normal for this time of year in central Minnesota.  This is a battle fought every year between the new Spring and the Ice Maiden.  The Ice Maiden is one jealous mistress who doesn’t like to give back what she has taken from us.  The new Spring wrestles with her from now until about mid-April to force her to go north to wait out our short Spring, our Summer and our short Fall before she returns with a vengeance.

The weather goes back and forth from cold to trying to warm up to being cold once again.  It snows.  It rains.  It’s a mix of rain and snow.  And then it snows once again.  The one thing that we know that we can look forward to for living here is knowing that the temps are slowly but steadily moving north.  They may not be moving as rapidly as we would like but they are moving north.  This is the time of year for poets and for photographers to capture the eternal struggle.

Art Sunday #216: Alain Gree


Alain Grée (born 21 July 1936 in Eaubonne, France) is a French illustrator and author.

He is the author of three detective novels (“La Chouette” editions) and produced children’s broadcasts on the French national television for two years.

As an author and illustrator of children’s books, Alain Grée published over 300 works for several editors (Casterman, Hachette, etc.), most in the 1960s and 70s. His books were translated around the world into 25 different languages. In that same period, Alain Grée also invented illustrated artwork for 12 educational board games for children, issued by Nathan.

He also worked as an illustrator for “Pomme d’Api” and “Journal de Babar” magazines. Later he created 10 books as initiation works to ship navigation for Gallimard editions. He was also a journalist for the “Voiles et Voiliers” (sailing ships) magazine for 20 years and is currently working as a graphic designer and editor of advertising publications.

He has been active as a Graphic designer, creating catalogues, brochures, posters etc..

His lovely, beautiful and colourful illustrations have been influencing young illustrators and artists over the world.

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