Wednesday Evening

Two weeks after shoulder surgery and one visit to an ENT specialist and everything that I’ve been on edge about over the past two weeks is now in the “Aint Nothing There” column.  Of course it could only be determined after he sprayed something that tasted like Satan’s spit up my nose and then pushed an endoscope thru my nostril to check out my throat.  It felt like someone with the longest and skinniest fingers I’ve ever known was trying to pick …

Oh never mind.  Life is good.

Random Thoughts on Hump Day


Big Boy has decided that there is a nice comfy place to sleep at night.  That spot happens to be on the fleece blanket that covers my legs as I sleep in the recliner at night.  Bear in mind there is a mink blanket covering the recliner that I sit in and the recliner is close to the fireplace.  It really upsets him when I disturb his slumber whenever I get up to go to the bathroom.

I can’t believe just how busy I’ve been every morning this week after returning to work.  I’m normally not this busy but I do have a number of irons in the fire right now.  Everything is manageable and it does make the work day go by rather quickly.

The ortho doc showed me the video pics of my shoulder before surgery, during the surgery and what it looked like when he was done.  It was actually kinda fascinating to look at the pics.  Everything is healing up really well but he reminded me that it’s easy to screw up all of his good work if I don’t follow instructions.  Message received.

I have a different doctor appointment today.  Yes, it makes me extremely anxious and I’m not looking forward to it.  I keep telling myself “Suck it up buttercup.”  Maybe you don’t understand the humor if you’re not a vet.

The sun is out today and the skies are blue.  Yeh, I know all about the winter storm headed this way this weekend.  It looks like we’re starting to enter the transition phase between Winter and Spring where it snows because it’s too cold to rain – or – it rains because it’s too warm to snow.  Regardless our temps are moving upwards once again and ground cover will be gone soon enough.  Just seeing the sun and blue skies does wonders for me and makes me very happy.