Tuesday Morning


I weighed myself butt nekkid a number of days ago and damn near had a stroke when I saw the scale register 224.  So, this cat decided to start eliminating certain empty calories from my life … for now.  Cookies and candy took the ol’ schnitzola as did large size meal portions.  I liked to die when I started doing this but I haven’t become a serial or mass murderer yet.  A number of days later and nine (9) pounds has come off and I still haven’t killed anyone.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and “IF” I were a “good” Catholic I would go get a dirty face.  Since I’m not but I still desire to get rid of some more weight I’ve decided that I’ll give up cookies and candy during Lent.

Don’t ask if if I’ll give up creamer and sugar with a little coffee during Lent. I’m not a good Catholic nor am I crazy.