Monday Evening


Just another day on “the frozen tundra” without  whole lotta excitement.  I had another scammer trying to get into my life; or rather my wallet.  And I do kinda sorta know what to do with them before anyone says anything. It’s just that it’s a been a while since I messed back with them like they like to mess with us.

They’re too easy to spot and have way too many “tells” which give them away.  Like some hottie in her 30’s who could easily pass for a model tells me that I’m “handsome” and she would like to hop right into a relationship with a 59 year old, short fat man?  Give me a break.  That’s a lie right from the get go.  Let’s see where this heads and just how long will it take before “she” wants me to send money to her.  That didn’t take 24 hours.

Point.  Click.  Delete. Good bye. 

It was good for and warranted an eye roll today.  It may have warranted more if “she” upped her game.

Monday Morning


I’m just sitting here sipping on the last of my coffee and listening to the sounds of my house and of the world nearby.

  • Miss Lilly found a twisty to attack and kill.  I took it away before she swallowed it and needing an emergency vet visit.
  • The house creaks and pops in the cold.
  • The snow plow goes by out front.
  • They’re tearing down an older house up the street to make way for a new Minnesota ‘Circle of Death” … not that most here actually know how to use them properly.
  • Planes fly overhead on their way into MSP.

I just get lost in the moment and forget what is currently bothering me.  It’s part of my Mindfulness moments.