How do I know most of those Instagram messages that I get are fake?

Hmmmm.  Could it be …

1. There are zero posts for their account?

2.  Could it be they sent the same message a day or two before?

3.  Could it be she’s a gorgeous looking lady that says she’s 35 when she doesn’t look older than 22?

4. Could it be she’s calling some fat old guy “handsome”?

I didn’t arrive fresh off the potato boat yesterday tho they are entertaining.

Five for Friday


It’s that time of week again and today we’re doing this lefty handed.  Let’s see ..

1. We have over 18″ (45 cm) of snow in my backyard.  It’s funny how quickly it can disappear whenever it decides to warm up.

2. I’m off feed and I assume it’s because of the meds.  I’m just not hungry so I force myself to eat some Jello.

3. If you are curious, the pain is fine as long as I don’t move my shoulder.

4.  It’s pay day Friday!  I wonder if I will have two nickels to rub together after the bills are paid.

5.  I found a new toy that I want.  Now I just hafta find the moolah to pay for it.  May be I should do one of the ‘Go Fund Me” thingees.

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment if’n you would like.