Thursday Morning


We’re hanging in there with the pain subsiding.  I’m not moving my shoulder much so it should be going away.  I moved kit by mistake this morning and man o man did I regret doing that.  No worries tho.  I’ve remembered most of what I was taught at rehab with getting by with only one useable arm.  Too bad they didn’t teach me how to type with one hand..  I am definitely not a leftie and don’t ask how long it took me to get this post typed out this morning.

12 responses to “Thursday Morning

  1. I have been traveling the past couple of days and so less attentive to my online life – I am glad your surgery I’d done, and happy to hear the pain is subsiding, so you can see the light at the end of the tunnel – that there is hope and there is a future, despite the crap of today. Keep improving!

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