It’s that time of year once again


So I;’m sitting at home completely minding my own business and being perfectly well behaved when the door bell rings.  So there’s this wee one with missing teeth with her Mom and they are pulling one of those red wagons with Girl Scout cookies for sale.  Ten minutes later I’m $20 shorter and I have two boxes of cookies that I really didn’t need and I let her keep the change.  They don’t make that much on each sale anywho.

I’m telling you that there ought to be a law against Moms using kids with missing teeth from selling cookies to old guys.

9 Million+ Steps

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 7.55.51 AM

I find it kind of amazing when I look at my FitBit account and I notice something new every now and then.  Like this.  Wow!  That many steps in less than 2 years?  Where have those 9 million plus steps taken me?  It makes me wonder just how many steps I have taken since I first learned to walk many, many moons ago.