Chicks Dig Scars


At least that’s what I’ve been told.  I heard it someplace.  Some place with some kinda authority.  Maybe it was the net. Maybe it was that Ninja guy.  Who knows?

What’s really cool is I have this cool new scar from my fall and surgery last November and it should be the cat’s meow for making up new lies to tell people how I got it.  What else is cool is you can feel the screw heads and the metal plate when you run your fingertips over it.  I’m like “Whoa!  Check it out dude.  You can feel it.  Here, try it yourself!”

I’m thinking that I’ll ask to keep it if the doc removes it next December so I can have a cool souvenir for my wall.  Yeh, I want the screws too.Wouldn’t that look cool on a wall with a pic of the x-ray??