5 Reason Why I Blog


My most favorite Indian lady in England inspired me tonight so I give you my list whether you want it or not.

  1. It’s fun.
  2. Well, I think it’s fun.
  3. They told me it was fun.
  4. Let me think about it.  Ok brain, don’t mess with me and fail when I need you the most.  Umm … brain?  Hello???  Oooo!  There’s chocolate pudding in the cupboard.  Where was I?  Oh yeh.
  5. It gives me a chance to steal some of Jason’s stuff and watch him blame Gary or someone else just as long as it’s not me taking the fall on that one.

There.  Am I finished?  Is there 5?  Yeh, there’s 5.  Cool!  Another successful and amazing post.


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