5 Reason Why I Blog


My most favorite Indian lady in England inspired me tonight so I give you my list whether you want it or not.

  1. It’s fun.
  2. Well, I think it’s fun.
  3. They told me it was fun.
  4. Let me think about it.  Ok brain, don’t mess with me and fail when I need you the most.  Umm … brain?  Hello???  Oooo!  There’s chocolate pudding in the cupboard.  Where was I?  Oh yeh.
  5. It gives me a chance to steal some of Jason’s stuff and watch him blame Gary or someone else just as long as it’s not me taking the fall on that one.

There.  Am I finished?  Is there 5?  Yeh, there’s 5.  Cool!  Another successful and amazing post.


My Go To Drug of Choice


This actually helps when the demons come back to haunt me.  This is much better than alcohol or drug use.  It helps me feel like maybe I’m not so broken after all even if its an escape from the demons if only for a short while.  Life is short.  Maybe we would all be better off accepting something along the lines of ..

“Well that didn’t work worth a shit!  Let’s not do that again!”