And we have “Argh!” today

Idiot drivers per square mile or per square kilometer goes thru the roof on days like these. I’m so glad that I’m working from home. Too bad I had to see the specialist today. I wonder if my insurance would buy off on a foreign specialist referral to French Polynesia???

25 thoughts on “And we have “Argh!” today

  1. Ouch. We were blessed – sarcasm – with another thick layer of snow last weekend, but luckily the last two days have been relatively warm (above 0C, at least) and most of it has melted away 😀

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  2. Yes, Im dreaming of Tahiti today. And Im not shoveling. Im so tired of shoveling and salting and walking lime Im 100 years old so I don’t fall and break anything in the sheets of ice under the snow. Did I mention I refuse to shovel today? 😠 Ohhh Minnesota!

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  3. I’m sure you can find a bombshell, Brazilian, ‘er Specialist, referral that insurance will approve. I forgot her name, though…. you might need to fly down and do some reconnaissance to find out. If you need someone to carry your bags, just let me know. I’ll be free to go with you! I’ve already checked my schedule!

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