Tuesday Night


It’s quiet outside when the snow falls and it makes a pleasant walk outside at night.  The snow falls and crunches underneath my boots.  The snowflakes catch specks of light resonating with a light glow making the ground glow white.  But most everything stills sleeps under the blanket of white.  I’m counting days slowing and hoping the weeks go quickly by me.

Photos for a Georgia Peach

I know you only want me for my snow.  I just hope that Deputy Sheriff husband of yours doesn’t find out and haul my tail to the pokey or to a chain gang.  I hear tell they carry some big ass guns on em.  That and you can usually get the last words with them which almost always are “Yes Sir!

Oh great!  Guess what tune is now rolling thru that pointy lil’ head of mine???  Guess I best learn some Motown perty doggone quick.

Hope you can view this.

Break Time for Lunch


And that crappy white stuff is once again falling from the sky.  I’d like to take some pics outside but what I normally see is grey skies, brown, icy bad greyish ice and crusty white crap all over the ground.  That’s not sexy.  Not one little bit.

Thank God I have ice cream and Hershey’s syrup to console me.  That usually fixes everything,  Well, not quite EVERYTHING but you get the general idea.