Sunday Afternoon


I had me one of those weekends where I’ve been strangely without words to say which kinda sorta bugs the s**t out of me.  I’m a gabby one typically but not this weekend.  I’m lone hurting S.O.B. this weekend.  But on the upside I baked up some almost pretty good French bread for myself.  It eats really good too when it’s fresh and still warm from the oven.  Here’s the recipe if you are interested:

In other news …

The weather was really, really nice this weekend.  What a dramatic shift in temps from the polar vortex last week.  A 70*F shift in temps makes it feel somewhat tropical out there.  It’s kinda funny how 37*F last Fall felt so cold and now it feels so warm.  All ya’ll bets be careful if you’re seeing weather shifts like these.  Momma always said that those are the kinda days where it was easy to get sick.  I dunno if what she said was true or not; I just didn’t argue with her.

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