Just so you know …




Here ya go …

Some expressed a level of … angst … that I mentioned that I was showering again and I didn’t include a photo of me in the shower as proof.  Why anyone would wanna see something like that is completely beyond me but who am I to argue with the ladies??  “No one” just so that our roles are clear.

So here you go ya animals.  A pic of me in the shower taken with my iPhone.


I swear to God I’m great now at falling


Yeh, I pulled a Ritu and slipped on some black ice in my drive.  I’m pretty sure I bruised the ribs that I’ve already broken a couple times.  And I landed on my fairly newly healed left arm.  Yea!!!!

Did I fly?”

No, you falled.

“F*****g A!”

Damn, I’m good at this shit!  Time to tone down the GI rhetoric.