Monday Afternoon


I woke up to 3 inches of new snow this morning; more where the wind caused it to drift.  Of course there are priorities in weather days such as these.  I readily gave in to them and made sure that my morning coffee pot was going before I did anything else.  Like I said – there are priorities.

My new snowblower made short work of the snow in my drive by blowing it 30 – 40 feet away.  I gave me pause to wonder what it would do to certain legal people and politicians that shall remain nameless of course.  I mean, would it act like an industrial grade wood chipper that could mulch up a body and spew it into a river to feed the fishes?  Not that I would know anything about that or have any first hand knowledge of course.  I’d only advise the user of said equipment to use plenty of bleach with a high pressure washer to remove the evidence.  Not that I would know anything about that either; some guy kinda sorta told me about this.  I assumed that he was just pulling my leg so to speak.

Where was I?  Oh yeh …

So the drive is cleared and then re-cleared after Mr. City Worker Snow Plow Driver drove by me casa.  The snow blower made short work of what he pushed into my drive way.  I’m hear to tell you ladies that live in warmer climes that you really dunno what you are missing with using a piece of equipment like this.  I can see the gleam in your eyes now and that evil grin on your faces as you chase your ex with something like this.  It would be almost, but not quite, as good as chasing after them with a chain saw.  Not that I would know anything about that either.

Yanno, come to think of it, we should keep certain implements of destruction outa some people’s hands.

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