Sunday Evening


The winter wind blew, the temperatures starting dropping and snow returned tonight once again in central Minnesota.  I somehow imagined that the bunny that I attempt to feed would be sitting hunkered down under one of my neighbor’s pine trees trying to stay warm tonight.  Maybe it made a hutch of the pine needles that fell to the ground.  Maybe it didn’t but it would have a need to survive by staying warm.

I refilled the bunny food dish.  It will need food to stay healthy and survive these cold nights.  I checked the bird feeders and checked the level of water  in the heated bird bath.  The birds would need something to eat and drink as well since tonight will be cold and long for them as well.

I expect to wake in the morning to find a number of inches of new snow has fallen and left me stranded in my own home.  That’s really  not a bad thing if one works from home; it sucks if you have to commute to work.  It will give me reason enough to use my new snowblower since I suspect the snowplow will fill the end of the driveway with whatever snow it pushes down the street in front of it.


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