OK Miss Patricia …


I’m showing ya mine so it’s time to show me yours!  😉  Somehow we both decided to bake some nanner bread today.

Yanno, a guy best bring his “A” game and then some if he’s in a bake off with a lady.  I have this feeling that I’m soon to be smoked.

Jim, is that your nanner bread burning?”

“No, just my ego.  Nothing important.” LOL  🙂

But it’s all good.  It’s a typical central Minnesota Saturday afternoon in January.  The skies are grey, it’s cold out there, it tried to snow but the real storm is to hit us later on.  I may as well do some baking to kill the time.  The house smells great!

My oldest and my SIL and the gummys were supposed to show up today but plans were killed because of the snow that we did get.  There are accidents all over the metro because a good deal of knuckleheads don’t know enough to stay home or slow the hell down while driving.

It’s best they stayed home today.  I will let this cool and then freeze it for later … maybe.  It would eat good while it’s still warm with some real butter on it.  A cup of tea would go with it too.  🙂