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  1. I will admit he does some dumb things or says dumb things or tweets dumb things. He is almost as dumb as Ocasio-Cortez 😉 I think I would rather watch Trump and his dumb things than to sit and watch Prune Face Pelosi licking the inside of her possibly false teeth like she does continuously…. There, was that petty enough? I might get used to this 🙃😛

    I hope your foreign apple thingy turns out well. Post a pic later if it does.

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  2. -23 degrees??!!! Wow. I guess a warning thought is thoughts of it only being 4 degrees here! And I thought I had it bad! Enjoyed reading this, as always 🙂 happy weekend 🙂

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  3. #1) -19*F this morning and we didn’t have any wind.
    #2) Mice come out at my house, get stuck on a glue board, then…..
    #3) a Big Mac? With 2 Nickels? I wanna shop where you shop
    #4) He’s not the only moron in Washington.
    #5) I’ll take 2 loaves of bread please then I promise to not leave the back door open after I go. Or leave lollipop sticky on the knob. *smiles innocently*

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