Soooo …


I’m attempting to bake an Apfelkuchen this afternoon since it’s too damn cold to go anywhere.  We will find out in about an hour if this worked or not.  I’m gonna cross my fingers in the mean while and hope I’m not a bust on this one.

I wonder why it didn’t ask me to put a little cinnamon on top?  I think it would smell awesome and add a bit of flavour kick to the final product.  Maybe someone can explain that one to me.

Maybe I coulda soaked them apple slices in some rum or Beam???   Hmmmmmmmm.

Five for Friday


It’s that time of week once again campers where I do battle with my brain.  Let’s see what this week’s edition brings …

1. It’s a rather tropical and balmy -9*F (-23C) out there with a wind chill of -228F (-30C).  Yes, it’s a wee bit cool out there for central Minnesota.  I’d love to see that I just love it here but i suspect someone would cart me off to “The Home” if I wrote something like that.  We’re going to end January 2019 with bitter cold temps.  That’s typical for here.

2. I wonder why my bunny isn’t feeding at the feed dish that I’ve set out for it.  Maybe it’s scarfing up the bird seed that the sparrows throw all over the place.  I know the one or two mouses in my yard do because I see there fresh tracks in the snow.  I wonder when they come out at night?

3. Why are short work weeks never short?  At least it’s a pay day Friday and I still have two nickels to rub together after paying all of the bills.  I wonder what I’m going to do with all of that surplus cash?  Maybe get a Big Mac?

4. What stupid thing has el Presidente said or did lately?  He does so many of them that it’s hard to keep up with all of his antics.

5.  It’s going to be another baking weekend for me.  I may as well since I won’t want to go anywhere due to the cold.  I found an apple cake recipe that I’m going to try out tomorrow.  It looks pretty doggone good if it comes out like the pic with the recipe.

There ya have it.  Take that brain!  Feel free to comment and/or leave me warming thoughts and gestures if you would like.  🙂