21 comments on “Thursday Afternoon

  1. You should get one of those snowsuits like the little boy on the Christmas Story movie. That would keep you warm and offer added protection if you were to slip on the ice and fall … Plus you would look really cute all bundled up in a snowsuit 😉

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      • I was about that age too, I had a snowsuit and scarf and mittens and boots and a hat under the hat on the snowsuit. It was awful. It took an extra thirty minutes to get dressed to go out

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      • it always takes kids like 30 minutes to get dressed before they go outside in the winter. the exception is Florida where they have to decide between flip flops or sneakers.


  2. Up and down the temperature goes causing the fresh beautiful snow to turn to ice only to be salted to the point of insanity at which point it all melts into a clumpy, semi-solid mess as the freezing rain falls and turns everything to slush. Boo. 😭🇨🇦

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