Random Thoughts on a Hump Day


I’m not sure that anything has moved into these house.  I thought that I drilled the access hole large enough so they could land without a perch.  I think that I need to cut a couple dowels and attach them so the birds have a perch to land on.  It’s an easy fix come a new Spring.

I am admittedly a cologne snob.  I got my 1 ounce sample of Versace “Dylan Blue” and oh boy! does it smell good.  I have words for fragrances such as these but someone could be offended if I used them so I’ll just leave you to guessing what the words are.

Both arms, both shoulders and now my collarbone hurts.  I took the rest of the day away from work  I can’t make it like I am.  “Yes” I notified my doc.  Maybe I’ll get to see that good looking PA working with him.  *wolf whistles*

I totally dislike the managers that I have to work with.  It makes waiting for retirement just that much harder.

January 23rd.  Three more months of cold weather to yet endure.  Don’t believe me?  Check out my archive and look at my posts from April 2018.

More to come.