Monday Evening


I will freely admit that there are a number of times every January thru March where I just hate winter.  I hate it because the wind and the cold makes my face hurt.  The wind and the cold makes my legs cold.  The wind and the cold would make certain parts of my anatomy fall off or try to recede inside my body.  Trust me when I tell you that it wouldn’t be a pretty sight.  Nope.  It would make young children have nightmares and older women when have heart attacks from laughing so hard.

So then why on earth did I move here?  Well I’ll tell ya.  I was under this goofy notion that it would be nice to be close by to some family after spending 20 years of my life under Uncle Sugar’s generous and most gracious care.  No.  I was “tired” of not having family around and living within the rationale if Uncle Sugar wanted me to have family then he would have issued me some complete with a ditty bag for each of them.  Goofy me.

Here is where I planted my flag.  I’d pull it out of the ground and move on but the flag pole is frozen and it won’t budge until June.  Plus the gummys say that I can’t go anywhere cuz they’re here and they need me to teach them how to garden and build bird houses and stuff like that.  So I’m stuck like a Hummer in the mud when it’s driven by an E-2.  That’s not a pretty sight either.

I’m cursed I tells ya.