Random Thoughts for a Monday Afternoon


I like it whenever the UPS or FedEx drivers stop at my house.  It’s almost like Christmas opening the packages.  And today I had a nice piece of marble delivered so I can learn to make pastry dough.  It didn’t sit level on the counter and I could see it was slightly bowed.  It also slid on the formica on top of that.  No worries.  I have a variety pack of clear rubber bumpers that took care of the sliding and wobble issue quick fast and in a hurry.  The slab of marble is so doggone heavy that I’ll just leave it on the counter while my arms are on the mend.

It was haircut day and a nice conversation with a hottie at Great Clips.  Too bad she has four kids and a husband.  Husbands are so not understanding at times.

\I ran into a Vietnam vet at the market too.  GIs always find other GIs and we had a nice conversation swapping lies back and forth.  I gave him some ideas on how he can replace his lost dogtags.  They’re important to vets and the families of vets.  Well, they’re important to me at least.  I still have a complete set with a St. Michaels medal with them hanging next to my St. Christopher’s medal.  The gummy’s like to wear them every now and then.

It’s cold and grey and wanting to snow out there this afternoon.  I decided that it was a hackbraten and spaetzle day.  That will sit good with a glass of red wine for supper.

Both of my arms hurt today.  I’d love to be able to just take both off if I could.  The 7th can’t get here fast enough for me.

Back to prepping supper.  More later.