What the …?


I just got two boxes of moon pies and daaayyyuuum!! they are small.  What the hell happened here?  Corporate greed?  Is it me or were these damn things larger in the past?  These are like a “two bites and they are gone” thingee nowadays.  This just aint right!  What the hell do I need now?  One of those mirrors that says “Objects in the mirror may appear larger than they actually are” or some moon pie Viagra???

I’m so depressed.  I can eat half a box now.  Ugh!  I blame Jason and Gary.

17 responses to “What the …?

  1. What used to be a half-gallon of ice cream is now more like a quart-and-a-half. Everything’s being sold in smaller portions so that the companies can keep the prices the same but still increase their profits. I guess they figure no one will notice that we’re actually paying more.

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  2. You’re not mistaken, they did used to be bigger. Some idiot somewhere apparently thinks “Americans” eat too much, so the portion sizes are getting a lot smaller. Have you had a “Hungry Man Dinner” recently? I bought salisbury steak last week, and was dismayed how small the ‘plate size’ was. And were those actual meat patties? I needed a microscope to see ’em properly. Same thing with candy bars, fruit pies, and everything else. The only thing that isn’t being reduced is the freakin’ cost! Gets my goat. 😡

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    • I aint got no goat that they can get. I have two cats tho. Miss Lily would be too fast for them to catch and Big Boy has bad gas so I don’t think they would send him right back after getting him.

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