Tuesday Evening


Yes, I found Napoleon in Bratislava.  There was always someone waiting to take a pic and I thought that something like this would be a cooler photo.

I want to do the winter projects that I had lined up for this season but my arm keeps reminding me that maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea at this time to jump in there.  My hip bites at me sometimes as well.  Those plans are a no go at this time.

So, I’m researching how to do an authentic German or Austrian apple strudel.  I’ve done it with Phyllo dough that I bought at the market but that’s kinda sorta cheating.  I wantn to learn to do it all from scratch.  I can do the filling but scratch so why can’t I do the dough from scratch?

It’s something to experiment with and I can always eat my mistakes.

What the …?


I just got two boxes of moon pies and daaayyyuuum!! they are small.  What the hell happened here?  Corporate greed?  Is it me or were these damn things larger in the past?  These are like a “two bites and they are gone” thingee nowadays.  This just aint right!  What the hell do I need now?  One of those mirrors that says “Objects in the mirror may appear larger than they actually are” or some moon pie Viagra???

I’m so depressed.  I can eat half a box now.  Ugh!  I blame Jason and Gary.