Miss Elaine’s Friend


Yeh, the little bandit came to visit me this morning.  I left it alone while it cleaned up most of the bird seed that the sparrows threw out (they’re kinda messy) and let it get a drink.  Hey!  Ya gotta eat in weather like this.  It made a move for a bird feeder and that’s when I finally tapped on the window.  It ran off just as quick as it showed up.  It’ll be back.

I wonder where the Blue Jays are?  I haven’t seen them or the Cardinals in a long time.

Art Sunday #208: Helen Hardin – Santo Domingo Meal


Helen Hardin (May 28, 1943 – June 9, 1984) (Tewa name: Tsa-sah-wee-eh, which means “Little Standing Spruce”) was a Native American painter.[2] She started making and selling paintings, participated in University of Arizona’s Southwest Indian Art Project and was featured in Seventeen magazine, all before she was 18 years of age. Creating art was a means of spiritual expression that developed from her Roman Catholic upbringing and Native American heritage. She created contemporary works of art with geometric patterns based upon Native American symbols and motifs, like corn, katsinas, and chiefs. In 1976 she was featured in the PBS American Indian artists series.

Source:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helen_Hardin