Friday Night

Couple dancing romantic tango at night. Silhouette couple ballroom. Smoke

I had a couple glasses of wine tonight and I wish I hadn’t.  My mind went back to another time and a previous life.  Back when I was a lot younger and I listened and danced to tunes long since forgotten and only remembered when I stumble upon them on YouTube.

Is it true that you can only have one true dance partner in life?  Only one that is truly in rhythm with your pace and  and steps as the music plays?  Only one that you look directly in their eyes and no where else when you weave her across the dance floor?  It seems like a lifetime ago.  A time before the mother of my children and the father of yours.

They were good times swaying together on the dance floor. I wish you were here but you’re living your life in a world apart.  We missed our chance and we threw it away.  No kiss.  No goodbyes.  But I can feel you and I see your face once again.  I smell your perfume and can see the sparkle in your eyes from a distant memory tucked safely away.

I can feel the sensation of you in my arms and the warmth of your touch as we sway in tune but it’s only a lie.  It’s something that I can’t let go but you’re someone else’s dream now.  But I wish you were here.


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