Winter isn’t sexy right now.


It’s just about mid-January and once would expect(or maybe I expect) that we would be covered in a blanket of white to go right along with the Arctic cold that we’re presently having.  But we’re not.  Nope.  most of our white is gone.  Chalk it off to the earth not having a perfect orbit around the sun or even Global Warming.  But we have white ice, grey ice, blackish colored ice and kaa kaa to view.

On the plus side I can definitely say that it makes for some easy walking conditions as I try to get my hip back to normal.  On the down side I have to say that the snow is where we get our water.  I bought a brand new self-propelled snowblower for this year and I haven’t used it once.  Maybe that’s it.  Maybe I shouldn’t have bought a new snowblower.  Could there be a connection?

Oh yeh, is it me or has WordPress changed its color schemes on us?

31 thoughts on “Winter isn’t sexy right now.

  1. wordpress colour scheme change – grrrr not cool! lol, I’m still not used to it. assholes … wish they’d ask me before they go changing stuff …

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  2. There are some weird hues happening in my WP too… what’s up with that?

    It’s frigid here without snow. Everything is iced but brown. Blah doesn’t begin to describe it. Wake me in spring.

  3. Yep, shouldn’t have bought the snow blower. It’s a law of universe. Or maybe it’s the global warming, which is not “real” according to some people.

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