Bone Bruising

I never knew such an animal existed until this afternoon. At least it was better to find out that I had this versus a broken bone in the leg.  My doc was curious why I hadn’t said something earlier.  I said I was more worried about my left arm being 2″ shorter than the right arm and my left hip had blinding pain whenever I tried to use it when all this started.  That and my whole left side was pretty much useless.

Oh well.  No new broken bones to find out about.

15 responses to “Bone Bruising

  1. Owwie. I’ve heard of the ‘bruised bone’ sensation, usually someone bruises their ribs and think they’ve broken them, it’s that painful. Glad no more breaks though. You be careful, especially now that the “ice maiden’ has left her ‘gift’ for your area!! No slip & falls please. I suspect you’ve had enough of hospitals, haven’t you?

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  2. Those can hurt like a broken bone. Many years ago, the ex had one on his shin. He was rough playing with my daughter ( she was a little thing, maybe 5)when she gave that shin a karate kick. He crumpled to floor. Great memories 😂

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