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  1. Uh oh, you are getting wise, which means you are getting Old like me. But at least you will never be as old as me so there is that.
    I didn’t see any grammatical errors. I think you did good, but then again, I am not as sharp as I used to be so maybe there was one tiny one, but I don’t think so. ❤

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  2. Hey Jim
    I suppose I missed the post that talks about why you took a break from working. I hope you are well.
    Working from home will be good and comforting. 🙂
    Do share if you remember which song it was.


  3. That’s brilliant Jim, working from home will be good. When things happen to us i.e. illness or accidents we begin to see the bigger picture and things that used to bother us seem irrelevant, people then wind us up when they are stressing about trivial things.

    Personally I think you are moving into another stage of your life, moving towards retirement. I retired early and I’m not due to receive any pension for another four years which does make things a little tight 😬 but for me the peace of mind far out ways the money.

    Celebrate the fact you can work from home and not have to travel in bad conditions, get the coffee pot on and some uplifting music. 😊😉

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