Thursday Night


January is the month that I would hibernate thru if humans could hibernate.  February too.  They’re cold months were the Arctic air bites at your face and it hurts to breathe.  Yes, you read it right.  The air  can be so cold that it hurts as you breathe it in; so you resort to bundling and covering your mouth with some layer of cloth.  Ice forms on your eyelashes too when one is out and about outside for any length of time.  All in ll they are just plain cold months.

But I can’t hibernate and neither can a lot of other creatures that can’t hibernate neither.  And these two months are extremely hard on them as well and they struggle to survive.  I keep the bird feeders filled and cleared of snow accumulations.  I have the heated bird bath filled and plugged in so they have a source of water too.  I looked at the number of bunny tracks in the snow out back my place and filled a dog food dish with bunny food and set that out so they will have something to eat.

The dark of night still comes quickly during this time of year.  It gives me shivers and goose bumps whenever I look outside at night.  It makes me want to crawl deep under the blankets and snuggle in for a long cold night.