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  1. I hear you Jim. I ask myself these same questions every year. I try not to think about it, so thanks for bringing it up. 😉 Haha. Seriously, one year I left the Christmas tree up until the Super Bowl. It made me feel better to have the glow and joy up during most of Winter. Anyway, take joy in knowing you have a warm home and it’s safe in there.


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  2. On a day like today I wouldn’t mind a cold day. It’s going to be 43C today or 109.4F . It’s going to be a scorcher. Thank goodness I’ll be working in a hospital which is always freezing cold 😂

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  3. Hey, it is the first of a New Year, nothing has happened to be depressed about yet, so embrace that WONDERFUL WINTER COLD, SNOW, AND ICE and put a smile on your face. 😀 I’m enjoying my lovely 75* down here in the land of eternal summer, but if I lived in the frozen tundra I would pull out the old sled and have fun!

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  4. Jim, you should definitely introduce the Alemannische Fasnacht (carneval the south German way) into your corner of the world. People here are busy busy building their masks and clothes (Larve and Häs) 😉

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  5. Spring will be here in no time Jim, like you said it doesn’t feel two minutes since it was Halloween. Chin up, the snow looks so beautiful to us who hardly ever get any! Send some over to me along with the squirrels 🐿 😉 ☃️.

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  6. That’s why I love our tradition of keeping all Christmas decor until the 2nd of February, it makes winter more bearable… This time Christmas actually had more of an autumn weather (which is great for me), but yesterday the temperature dropped below 0 and we were ‘blessed’ with snow, ugh. Christmas decor is keeping me sane! Plus the thought that we’re now past winter solstice and days are finally getting longer again! 🙂

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    • you keep them until Candlemas? that’s a good tradition. we always kept ours up until Twelfth Night and then we would take them down.


      • Well, Poland still has strong bonds with (Catholic) Church and it’s not unusual to keep the Christmas tree until the end of Christmas period in the Church – although not everyone does that, some want to get rid of the Christmas mess sooner. In shopping centres, where Christmas is a commercial occasion which ends pretty much on the 24th of December, most signs of it disappear immediately. In town centres on the other hand, lights and Christmas trees usually stay until the end of January!

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