Wednesday Afternoon


Maybe it’s just me but i feel somewhat depressed now that the holidays are basically over.  Where did the time go since last Halloween.  Oh yeh.  There was some hospital and rehab time.  But let’s set that minor inconvenience aside and look at the rest.  *Poof!”  Gone I tell ya.  And what’s left for us living here on what Miss C refers to as “The Frozen Tundra“?  Another 3 and half months of snow, cold, grey skies, ice, yuck and basically just plain crappy weather.  (I’d normally use the word “shitty” except I don’t know if there’s any little kids, lil’ old blue haired ladies, priests and nuns around and reading this.)

It all seems like such a huge letdown after building from one holiday to another and then “Blech, here ya go you silly people living way up north.  Crappy weather followed by shitty weather until May or June.”

Oh crap!  I used that word when maybe I shouldn’t have.