Month: January 2019

I think they are lost

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What are you doing here?  It’s not Spring.  Go south before you freeze to death.



Thursday Morning

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The weather here amazes me sometimes.  The temps are bitter cold right now but it may rain here come Sunday?  Yeh.  I can see everything covered in ice the day after.  It will make for some interesting photos if it happens but terrible roads to drive on come Monday morning.  I’m glad my commute to and from work involves going up my stairs and avoiding a cat or two that tries to trip me.  Maybe someone offered them a year’s supply of catnip from my life insurance.

Meanwhile back at the ranch …

It’s kinda sorta cold to be out walking right now since it’s a rather tropical -25*F (-32C) which means no walking in shorts weather.  Maybe I can return to that come May.


The current temperature outside is …

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Welcome to the New Ice Age

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The herd starts migrating tomorrow.  Bring your own nuts.  Even the frozen ones.