Five for Friday


It’s that time of week once again and I’m late posting this.  Way late.  I’ll explain down below in #1.  Let’s see …

1. My oldest came and picked the gummys up early this afternoon.  I’ve forgotten that getting two 8 year old girls to get organized and ready to go is like herding cats.  It’s been nothing but “We’ve gotta get this squared away and then that before your Mom gets here.” since I got up this morning.  It’s nice and quiet now that they went home.  I’m looking forward to a nice and quiet weekend ahead of me.  🙂

2.  Our wet snow and rain turned into a little dusting of snow and the wet froze to ice.  Yea me!  Aint I one luck sonofagun???  Why did I move here?  Oh yeh.  Family is here.

3. A friend of mine is on furlough thanks to El Presidente and the Dems not working together.  I get so sick of the politics and how it screws with other people’s lives.

4. My newest therapist has suggested that I may never get back the full range of motion in my left arm.  I suspected as much deep down inside but it is kinda depressing when one of your fears is confirmed to be a possible new reality.  Well, we will figure it out, adapt and overcome some how.  I’m back to using a compression sleeve on my arm as well.  Ugh!

5. I need to sit down and plan out my vacation time off next year so I get it in the books ASAP.  I’d like to travel to Salt Lake City to see my youngest but I’d also like to hop on a jet to Central Europe as well.  Maybe all will work out this coming year.

There ya have it for the last Friday in 2018.  Feel free to comment if’n you would like.  🙂