Random Thoughts for Thursday


First we had wet snow and now it’s raining.  We’ve got a whole lotta yuck going on here right now.  It was hard to clear the driveway but it was a little at a time and it was then clear.  The rain will clear the rest.

It’s a run to the farm store this weekend to get some more birdseed.  The sparrows have been going to town on the one feeder.

More occupational therapy today.  I wish they would all get it together.  The rehab had me do one series of exercises, then it was added to by another therapist and now a third scratched most of the initial series and I’m really not sure what I’m supposed to be doing every day.  Ugh!

I showed the gummys a couple things on Wii Bowling.  Dad is in for a surprise.  They’re gonna sneak up on him me thinks.

No plans for the weekend right now other than maybe trying to get a couple errands