Sunday Evening


The evening dark comes quickly here right now..  The down side is it ends a day full of grey skies and cold breezes.  It’s the kind of day where I just want to stay indoors and settle in for an afternoon nap during a lazy Sunday afternoon.  No nap today for me but I stepped back from my daily walking routine to rest my hip a bit.  It was stinging just a tad bit at the end of yesterday.

We’re sliding once again into the early part of a long Minnesota winter.  There are plenty of grey days, cold, ice, snow, yuck and ick ahead of us.  It makes us appreciate the Spring more when it finally arrives which I anticipate will be somewhere around “Tax Day” once again.  That seems so far off.  These will be days that will try our patience

3 thoughts on “Sunday Evening

  1. It’s an over-cast breezy day here in Bend, OR. Not nearly as cold as MN…but cold enough. Big Sweatshirts and beanies…and quickly hurrying from warm house to car and about.

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