Random Thoughts for Tuesday Morning


Miss Lily has the watch as usual this morning.  Where’s Big Boy?  Downstairs sleeping next to the fireplace as usual.  He’s not much of an Attack Cat”.  He’s more of an“Let’s eat and sleep” cat.

“Yes”, I had my right shoulder checked out by the doc when I saw him yesterday.  He’s pretty confident that I’m still good to go with it until I see the ortho doc on the 4th.  I still have some aches and pains from my left hip but nothing like it used to be; so I’m walking usually with a cane now.

Someone who meant well installed a handrail in my house while I was in rehab.  I wouldn’t have done it like that since it has an angle cut on each end.  It’s essentially a spear on each end and one of the gummys was hurt on Sunday.  I’ll have my neighbor help me remove it and cut the ends square instead of flush and then I’ll put some poly on it before it goes back in.

My Apply Mouse died.  That’s a pisser.  Now I have to find a replacement one which won’t be fun since Apple has it redesigned and quit manufacturing the old one.  Who in their right mind puts a recharge port on the bottom of a moose so you can’t use it???  Only an engineer would do something like that.