9 comments on “Monday Night

  1. Silence is peaceful sometimes and music can be kind of peaceful silence too. I don’t watch tv much anymore. There’s almost nothing to see or hear on tv anymore. I found out I got so much time over to do more fun things than watching tv. So I don’t miss tv that much. Great photo! “Pling”

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  2. I don’t watch very much TV, but it’s always on. (the Mr. watches) So, any time I can, I mute the sound. I like hearing the birds tweeting, and the wind blowing outside better. By the way, have your birds come back to your feeder? 🙂

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  3. Jim, you are in my humble opinion going the right way. Why? have the T.V. on as background
    sound. It sounds like torture to me. Music now, and I can see from your blog you like that -,
    Music is a natural part of ourselves.
    I kinda of like this more thoughtful side you show of late.

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